Although Google Analytics is the most popular analytical tool for developers due to it’s free price and huge amount of data points,
it’s used by Google to gather data on users across the web and could even be banned in some countries soon.
There are some great open source and privacy friendly analytical tools that can do the same job but without sacrificing the privacy of your users.

Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is a dead simple, easy to use and privacy friendly analytical tool.
It’s incredibly beginner friendly but is also extremely powerful.

Plausible Analytics

Plausible analytics is a another great option for privacy friendly analytics.
It’s feature set is a little more basic compared to Simple Analytics but its price its a lot lower.


Matomo is the closest to Google Analytics.
It offers the most powerful tools out of all the options but can be quite complicated.
It can be self hosted or cloud hosted. Cloud hosting can get costly fast.

Matomo must be hosted in an EU country in order to be GDPR compliant.
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